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Saturday, April 9, 2011

two more weeks until conventionm time!!!! EEEEK

It's Saturday morning and my family is still asleep.  It's when I love them all the most.  *L*  So, I'm sitting here in the quiet (the dog isn't even snoring *L*) contemplating....well....everything.

We leave for the anime convention on the 21st....just about two weeks.  If my daughter were awake I could give you an exact day, hour, minute count.  *L*  She's only just a little excited.  It's the thing she plans for and saves her babysitting money for all year long.

Today I will be sewing...and sewing....and sewing.  I am almost finished with one of her costumes...just a few little tweaks.  I cut out her second costume...just waiting on 10 hot pink zippers to arrive in the mail.  My husbands coat is almost finished, just have to do some finishing touches and add lots and lots of buttons.  And his vest is cut out, just needs to be put together.

 My outfit is coming together....I just got the sexiest boots in the mail...knee high lace up jobs...I didn't think I would like them or find them comfortable, but got them because they went with the theme of my outfit!  However, i am in love with comfy and soft....I will post pictures when the outfit is done. ( go here...they have amazing prices and ship fast....and they have some very vintage-esque shoes (that I will be ordering very soon *L*)

 I got all the parts to finish my underbust corset, so I will try to get that mostly done this weekend as well.  *L*

THEN....on top of all the stuff I'm working on for the convention, my daughter is in a play and brought home two of the costumes that are cut out but need to be sewed problem  *L*  I can do that!

I've recently been teaching her to's a good skill to have...and now the teacher/play director keeps giving her things to make because no one else in the class knows how to sew....*L*  oops.  I told her, welcome to your new'll get hit up AAALLLL the time to just "whip something up".  She says she doesn't mind!  *L*

On a side note...let me leave you with a picture that sums up the new and not so improved me right now...
I complain, but I am grateful every day that I am alive!

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  1. hey girl, if we aint crazy by age 40 then we aint doin this right! LOL