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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Really? Seriously??

Well....I officially start back to work full-time ish next week.  A nice regular schedule...finally.  I have had quite a few set backs lately.  The doctor put me on an anti-viral medication so I don't get sick again....sadly, the pills made me feel like crap!  There are about 30 side effects to this medication and I had almost all but the vomiting. Whoo hoo....they took me off that and I have sworn to never ever take it again unless it's being delivered via IV in the hospital.  Yucky stuff!
This little adventure started on February 2nd.  Since they took me off the anti viral medication I feel better...all the side effects but one went away!  What is this last effect, you ask?  It's a headache.  A bad, bad, BAD headache that makes me want to punch babies!  I have had it every single day for the past two months.  It never changes in intensity, in never changes never changes!  And I think it sucks a whole lot.  Sooo...what does this mean for Trixie?  I have to go see a Neurologist...I fear one of two things happening:
1.  They tell me they can't find anything wrong with me and tell me to just suck it up, it must be all in my mind.
2.  They find something terribly wrong...."sorry Trixie...that's a bad brain you got there...gonna have to tear it out and replace it!"
Silly and irrational, I know, but that's my fear.  *L*

I have been sewing a little bit.  We're going to a convention next month and I have a TON of things to finish up.  I keep meaning to make myself a list so I can keep case I haven't mentioned it, the meningitis and encephalitis did quite a little scramble of my memory....basically....can't remember crap!!  *L*  I take lots and lots of notes...Post its are my friends!  I keep forgetting to make myself that list.  HA!!

My husband somehow talked me into playing dungeons & dragons with him.  He is a gamer....loves miniatures and dice...I sat down to watch him, our oldest son, and a friend play...and somehow, probably due to my brain damage, I ended up with a character.  WHAT THE HELL??  I don't game!!  I play the occasional video game (hubby bought me a Wii for mothers day so I could play Cooking Mama *L*) and I do play the occasional board game with the kids.  But I don't play fantasy games!  I don't play zombie games!    And yet, I find that now I own my own set of pink glittery dice, and a handful of tiny little miniature people that need to be painted.  I find myself saying things like, "honey, does my thunderwave only affect my target, or will it knock back my companions?"  "honey, if I use my second wind to heal does that give me a +2 to my defense for the length of my turn".  WHAT THE HELL??  I'm gaming!!  *sigh*  I must love my husband very very much  *L*

So, here is one of the tiny tiny little miniatures I'm painting:
Can't figure out how to rotate this picture.  *L*

And what have I been sewing, you ask?  Well, let me show you:
My crazed steampunk-ish bustle skirt!!
Yeah...can't rotate this picture either!

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