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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yup....I'm still here...I'm still alive!  It would seem that my blog has gone from talking about sewing and recon-ing old clothes to how the hell I'm surviving after a bout with meningitis and encephalitis. review *L* I got sick the 3rd of February of this year.  I had to take two months off....February and March because I was on house arrest.  I went back to work, barely, at the beginning of April....I struggled through April, May, and June.  I am now on a leave of absence until I feel like I can go back to work and be able to work all day every day.  We're thinking maybe September?
Now here is the part where I get to rave about my boss.  I work for a lawyer who works as a public defender for the county.  He also happens to be my step-dad.  He has been awesome....amazing.....supportive.....understanding.  I know that I have the fact that I work for family on my side.  If I worked anywhere else I would have been let go quite some time ago.  He has put up with my need for a whole lot of sleep...with my lack of ability to recall words or how to do my need for far too much need to call in at a moments notice because I have a migraine AGAIN!   Mike (the boss/step-dad) has said that my job will there when I am ready to come back!  My mom has also been awesome. She's been understanding....supportive!!  All up in my business mommy style!  *L*  She checks on me, fusses over me, laughs with me when I say crap that doesn't make any sense!  AND....she has stepped into my job to cover until I am ready.  Once again, thank goodness for family!  They may drive me crazy from time to time, but they've got my back!!
On to my husband.....he is probably the most wonderful person I know.....he has put up with a whole lot of fall out lately.  He loves matter how crazy I get....he loves me!  He has taken over most all of the running of the house and family...he pays the bills, he does the housework, he makes all the phone calls, picks up my medication, does all the driving (because I'm afraid to drive).  He is the one steady thing in my whacked out head.  He puts up with my napping, my crying, my yelling, my panic attacks, my headaches, my crazy talk....and he hugs me and tells me that this is just a very small part of our lives and that we will survive this...that we will get through this!  I am so crazy in love with my husband!!
Then there are my kids....Man do I love my kids.  They have been so incredibly understanding.  They don't question when I disappear for yet another nap.  They call and check on me....they fuss over me....they're always making sure I have my purse, my keys, my glasses.....they all calmly and silently wait for me to try and remember a word, a sentence, a story.  They patiently tell me that I've already told them that story or asked them the same questions over and over again.  I think we have raised some very amazing children to be some very amazing, compassionate, loving adults and almost adults!
So......that's where I am right at this moment!


  1. It is so wonderful that you have an amazing support network behind you and supporting you. Hugs to you so you can feel better soon and hugs to your family for being amazing!!

  2. Amor, hope you feel better soon. your family is so strong and supportive.
    Here is my new blog addres just incase you couldnt find me.